Little Shell Tribal Council: Statement of Mnaadendimowin - Respect

The Elders Society has requested that we share with our Little Shell tribal members the Seven Grandfather Teachings principle of “Mnaadendimowin – Respect.” This traditional teaching tells us to live honorably in your actions towards all things. To honor all creation is to have respect. The Little Shell Tribal Council has instilled this principle by creating an inclusive and welcoming community.

Recently, we have seen Little Shell tribal members not abide by this important and traditional teaching. Instead, we have seen acts of bullying, belittling, and disrespect. We have seen tribal members hurt others by their inaccurate claims. This is not how our ancestors taught us to live honorably.

Article V, Section II of the Little Shell Constitution states that “[a]ny Indian of Pembina ancestry and one-quarter (1/4) degree Indian blood” is entitled to Little Shell tribal enrollment. This Constitutional clause requires two separate criteria for membership (1) lineage to a Pembina ancestor that can be found on the Roe Cloud Roll, McCumber Roll and/or the McLaughlin Report; and (2) at least one-quarter blood quantum from any federally or state recognized tribe. The Little Shell Tribal Enrollment Department has worked tirelessly to abide by our tribal laws and codes.

The Tribal Council will not tolerate attempts to tear us apart and divide us based on blood quantum and defining who is more “Indian.” All Little Shell tribal members belong. We must all follow the Seven Grandfather teachings of Mnaadendimowin – Respect. With Mnaadendimowin – Respect, we will remain a strong tribal community and we will continue to build a truly great tribal nation.



The Little Shell Tribe is excited to release its 2023 Annual Report and to celebrate our community’s collective achievements and  resiliency. The Report includes information about many of the Tribe’s endeavors, program successes, community highlights, and achievements. In 2023, the Little Shell Tribe expanded  programs and services to our members and fortified our foundation for future growth. This report is one way to reflect and share all those efforts. We are proud of the achievements the Tribe has made and look forward to continued investment and collaboration to ensure another prosperous year.

Request for Proposal: Construction Services

The Little Shell Tribe appreciates the interest in the Ceremonial Center Request for Proposal. Tribal Council has determined additional building plan information and consideration is necessary to allow vendors to appropriately respond to the proposal. As a result, the Tribe is withdrawing the request for proposal so that additional plan information can be available at a future time.


If you are interested in receiving future Request for Proposals, please e-mail with appropriate contact information.



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