LITTLE SHELL TRIBAL HEALTH CLINIC - 425 Smelter Ave NE Great Falls, MT 59404

Indian Health Services (IHS) opened our Little Shell Tribal Health Clinic on April 7th2022

• Walk-in, get registered and check out the new clinic!

  • • Walk-in appointments may be taken if available.
  • • Please remember, services will be offered in phases with medical services being offered first.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call: 406.247.7130

Our whole health care system will provide medical, dental, behavioral, traditional and health care support services to our members in one location.


Our approach to care will be relationship-based.  Strong relationships between our primary care teams and our customers will help manage chronic diseases, control health care costs and improve the overall health and wellness of our members.  


We know that ultimately our members are in control of their own lifestyle choices and health care.  We will focus on understanding each of our customer’s own unique story, values and influencers in an effort to assist with improving overall health and wellness.  


The strategic initiatives of Little Shell Tribal Health include:


• Help our members live healthier, longer lives

• Develop comprehensive and convenient communication strategies to engage our community

• Maximize our Human Potential to achieve personal, community and professional goals

• Promote unity and sovereignty throughout our tribe and other Native American communities