Our Chronic Disease Prevention Specialist works with our healthcare team to identify health problems within our Tribe, determine and investigate health problems and health hazards, and lead programs designed to reinforce healthy behavior.  


Our Chronic Disease Prevention Specialist can connect those with chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer and asthma with needed resources and help members manage their health care needs and help them to improve their overall wellness We can help explain conditions and answering questions, and help monitor progress. 


We also focus on prevention and screening for cancer, diabetes, heart disease and associated lifestyle factors (diet, physical activity, smoking, and alcohol.  We work collaboratively with our members and through shared decision-making, set goals and develop a unique, personalized “Prevention Prescription”.  This approach has been shown to improve patient chronic disease prevention and screening outcomes by 37%.


The primary focus for our Chronic Disease Prevention Specialist is to assist members with tobacco cessation and tobacco use prevention.  

We provide holistic health and wellness resources to the Little Shell Community, including commercial tobacco use cessation tools and traditional tobacco use education. To ensure success in these wellness journeys, we offer educational and mentoring opportunities to navigate the barriers created by the commercial tobacco industry. 


To support our efforts to end the use of commercial tobacco we have partnered with Rocky Mountain Tribal Leaders Council (Good Health & Wellness in Indian Country – CDC – Rocky Mountain Tribal Leaders Council ( and the Montana Tobacco Use Prevention Program (MTUPP).  


If you, or someone you love, would like help ending commercial tobacco dependence please call the quit line best suited for your successful cessation! 

QUIT YOUR WAY with the Montana Tobacco Quit Line

Health Care Provider Information and Patient Fax Referral Form

Quitting nicotine is hard. For FREE help quitting ALL commercial tobacco products, including smokeless tobacco and electronic cigarettes.

Staffed 7 days a week: 5 AM to 11 PM, with 24 hour voicemail. Please leave us a message and we will call you back!


To link directly to these programs, select the button to the left.

Montana Tobacco Quit Line: NEW online chat feature

 *NEW* Chat with a coach through the Quit Line webpage

A FREE personalized quit plan

5 FREE pro-active cessation coaching sessions

8 weeks of FREE nicotine replacement therapy available for callers engaged in the program

Reduced cost cessation medication

For more information, view the Montana Tobacco Quit Line Frequently Asked Questions.

*New* Young Adult (18-24) Quit Line Program

In addition to the Montana Tobacco Quit Line services, the Young Adult Program offers:

  • FREE coaching session by live text, online chat, or phone
  • Unique five-digit code for texting, 36072
  • Coaches specially trained in working with young adults


Quit Now Montana Pregnancy Program: NEW Increased Cash Incentives

In addition to the Montana Tobacco Quit Line services, the Quit Now Montana Pregnancy Program offers:

  • FREE personal female coach
  • FREE NRT during pregnancy and additional weeks postpartum
  • CASH INCENTIVES- $20 for completed coaching calls while pregnant (up to 5 calls), $30 for completed coaching calls post-partum (up to 4 calls)
  • 9 FREE coaching calls

Be sure to identify yourself as pregnant when calling the Montana Tobacco Quit Line!

My Life, My Quit

  • 5 FREE coaching sessions either by text, chat, or phone to help youth under 18 quit all forms of tobacco including vaping
  • Dedicated toll-free number (1-855-891-9989)
  • Five-digit code for live texting, 36072
  • Online enrollment through
  • RESPECTS privacy through confidential enrollment and coaching. No one will know someone enrolls unless they want them to know

American Indian Commercial Tobacco Quit Line

In addition to the Montana Tobacco Quit Line services, the American Indian Commercial Tobacco Quit Line offers:

  • FREE culturally sensitive coaching with American Indian coaches
  • 10 FREE coaching sessions
  • Dedicated toll-free number (1-855-5AI-QUIT)
  • Staffed Monday-Friday 6:00am to 7:30pm, MST.