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Montana Indian Equity Fund Grants


Enrolled members of the Little Shell Tribe of Chippewa who live in Montana are eligible for the grant.

The grant is designed to assist a member of the Little Shell Tribe with starting or growing their business.

Grants of up to $14,000 are available for members.

This year there are lots of changes to the program.

  For additional information contact:

Philip Belangie at the Office of Native American Development Montana Department of Commerce

406-721-3663 |


Little Shell Language Program


Dear Little Shell Tribal Members,


The Little Shell Tribal Traditional Languages (Chippewa, Cree and Michif) Program is in the process of restoring the Chippewa language. The Little
Shell Tribal Council has decided that we work on restoring, preserving and perpetuating the Chippewa language, our original and historical language.
The Tribal Council decided on working to restore the Chippewa language first and then continue to work on restoring Michif and Cree.

Our Language project has compiled and is ready to distribute Language Resource Guides, which contain a huge list of Chippewa, Michif and Cree language learning resources.

We are also starting to develop beginning Chippewa lessons, which will also
be videoed and audio recorded and made into CDs; DVDs and will be placed
on our Tribal Internet Web-Sites: and

In addition, we are in the process of developing a Mobile App that will be compatible with IOS/Android devices.

If you would like copies of the three (3) Language Resource Guides; and videoed and audio recorded Chippewa Language Lessons; and Chippewa Language CDs and DVDs you will need to send us a current mailing address
with your: 1. Name. 2. Street Address and 3. Zip Code. We would also like to have 4. Your Current E-mail Address for our records as the Chippewa
Language Program will be periodically e-mailing you additional traditional language materials and up-dates on the Language Program’s work.

We want to physically send, VIA REGULAR MAIL, all Tribal Members the
language program information and materials. We are especially wanting
to get the Chippewa Language Program information and materials to your relatives and friends who do not own computers, SO PLEASE PASS THIS INFORMATION ON TO THEM and ask them to send us their current mailing address with their: 1. Name. 2. Street Address and 3. Zip Code.

When we loose our traditional languages, we loose our culture. It is extremely important that we revive and perpetuate our traditional languages.


Little Shell Native Languages Program

Attention: Little Shell Traditional Language Program Director

625 Central Avenue West, Suite 100

Great Falls, Montana 59404

OR Call the front desk, 406-315-2400 and give your info to Terrie

OR Email your address to front desk at;


Thank you.

Gerald Gray, Chairman




Come join us every Thursday at 6pm or every Saturday at 2pm.

615 West Central Avenue West - Great Falls, MT

Or join via SKYPE every Saturday at 10am

Little Shell Tobacco Free Program



Little Shell Tobacco Free Program



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